Welcome to the cozy coffee house at the television tower. Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation where traditional comfort meets modern delicacies. Our homemade cakes are the heart of our café. With great attention to detail and a pinch of creativity, our bakers create delicacies that not only enchant the eyes but also the palate. From succulent fruit tarts to tempting chocolate creations, each cake is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Experience the incomparable flair of a classic afternoon tea cake stand that presents a selection of delicate delicacies and carefully prepared snacks. Enjoy the moment with a cup of first-class coffee or tea and let our service pamper you. Our coffee selection is extensive and varied, so there is something for every taste. From aromatic espresso to creamy cappuccino, we understand how important good coffee is to a successful café experience. . Come by and let yourself be enchanted by our inviting atmosphere and our delicacies. We look forward to welcoming you! website: http://www.lieschen-mueller.com Contact: info@lieschen-mueller.de

Live Musik im Liesschen Mueller Berlin

second event location: http://www.knutschfleckberlin.de

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