Ready for the perfect breakfast experience in Berlin? Then head to the Lieschen Müller Restaurant – the ultimate hotspot for breakfast in the capital! In our cozy restaurant in Berlin you can start your day with a delicious breakfast. We offer a wide selection of fresh and tasty breakfast dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. No matter whether you prefer a hearty breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon or would rather enjoy something sweet like fresh pancakes and fruit salad, you will find everything a breakfast lover’s heart desires. Our Lieschen Müller specialties; our Berlin sandwiches, with chicken salad + avocado, fried egg on smoked pork or tender brie with red onion jam. To have breakfast with friends, family or even alone. And the best part: We not only offer delicious food, but also first-class service. Whether you want to start your day with a delicious coffee or a refreshing mimosa, we have the perfect companions for your breakfast in Berlin. So, come by and enjoy the start of your day at the Lieschen Müller Restaurant – your new favorite place for breakfast in Berlin!

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