Welcome to the Lieschen Müller Cocktailbar in Berlin, the place where drinking cocktails in Berlin becomes a true art! Our location directly under the television tower offers the perfect backdrop for unforgettable evenings. Our cocktail bar is not just a bar. It is an event restaurant for connoisseurs and lovers of exquisite drinks. With an amazing selection of over 150 different cocktail variations and creative gin creations, we are the point of contact for anyone looking for that special something. Whether you’re looking for a classic mojito, a fruity pina colada or a unique homemade gin creation – our talented bartenders will conjure up the perfect drink to tempt your taste buds. The Lieschen Müller Cocktailbar is more than just a place where you can enjoy cocktails. Here you can have an experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy your drink in a stylish ambience and admire the majestic view of the Berlin TV tower. Whether you are planning a romantic evening for two, are out with friends or are looking for a place for a social gathering, our cocktail bar is the perfect choice. Let yourself be seduced by our unique selection of drinks and experience how drinking cocktails in Berlin becomes an unforgettable experience. Visit the Lieschen Müller cocktail bar and immerse yourself in the world of exquisite drinks and moments of pleasure. We look forward to pampering your taste buds and delighting you with our creative cocktails. Welcome to the world of flavors and Berlin elegance! info@lieschen-mueller.com

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