Cirque du Burlesque Berlin

Playing with intoxication and stimulation

New Burlesque, Modern Circus and Live Music Under the TV Tower

Burlesque is experiencing a renaissance in Berlin’s bar scene and the Lieschen Mueller on the ground floor is their latest attraction. In the centre of the historic Alexanderplatz, a parallel universe has opened up at the foot of the TV tower that transports its visitors into an imaginative version of the legendary 1920s.

It is slowly getting dark at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. The typical flickering of this city is in the air. Anything can happen tonight! Anyone who finds the entrance to Lieschen Mueller steps through a gateway into another world. Everything is colourful, everything glitters. The counter is a stage. A large champagne glass and a red trapeze in the shape of a heart give an idea of what will happen here later.

Immersion in Another World

The smell of hearty food hangs in the air. A soundscape of cocktail shakers, joyful murmurs and hearty laughter waft through the room. The first night owls have taken their seats at the Zirkus Bar and are served fine drinks by costumed bartenders. The guests at the tables are pampered by equally costumed barmaids and waiters. The hectic everyday life of today’s twenties is very far away.

The Ensamble of Cirque du Burlesque Berlin
An Evening Programme As Colourful As Berlin

Berlin’s nightlife has a long tradition and is one of the most legendary in the world. The ensemble of Cirque du Burlesque Berlin is in no way inferior to him. On the counter of the Zirkus Bar and throughout the experience restaurant, dancers, artists, musicians and other entertainers enchant their audience and exude the charm of the wild 1920s.

Live Music and Berlin Originals

While Lieschen’s guests indulge in beguiling cocktails and delicious dishes from German and Berlin cuisine, a small spectacle takes place around her. Just a moment ago, pretty dancers in glittering costumes with big feathers took the stage for themselves. Suddenly a saxophonist comes out of a back door and makes a round through the experience restaurant. Time flies in the Lieschen Mueller. One evening cannot be long enough to ever get enough of this entertaining show.

Lovely Shows on the Counter of the Zirkus Bar
Creative New Burlesque

The heart of Cirque du Burlesque beats for the art of entertainment dance. In the famous frivolous and cheeky manner, the dancers and artists amaze their audience. From classic burlesque to polesque, boylesque to artistry, comedy and neon shows, Cirque du Burlesque’s performers are as varied as Berlin. They swing from the ceiling, perform breathtaking feats and blur reality and dream.

A Pleasure for All Senses

This unique combination of experience restaurant, gin bar and show stage is unparalleled in Berlin. Everything simply fits here. The location, the culinary variety and the show are an absolute must-see! An experience that beguiles all the senses.

Delights for the Palate from Early to Late

Experience Restaurant

From breakfast into the afternoon, big and small lunches, coffee, cake and ice cream to burlesque dinners, the kitchen at Lieschen Mueller offers German dishes and culinary surprises.

Colourful and boozy

Zirkus Bar

The colourful Zirkus Bar is a place for connoisseurs and lovers of liquid pleasure. All day long we serve cocktails and drinks with and without alcohol to beguile the senses. The recommendation of the house are our Gin Experiences.

Looking for an event location?

Celebrate at Lieschen Mueller

Invite your guests to a celebration that they will remember for its extraordinary location and unbeatable central position. At Lieschen Mueller im Parterre, private festivities can be celebrated, from birthdays to bachelor parties to weddings. Our premises also offer an optimal ambience for business events that will delight employees and customers alike. We put together individual event packages and have tried and tested experience packages on offer.