Lieschen Muellers Zirkus Bar

A pleasure for all senses

Drink Experience with Burlesque Show at the Zirkus Bar at Alexanderplatz

The Berlin bar scene gathers under the TV tower and indulges in a passion for liquid delights. A drinks menu featuring over a hundred creations, crafted by bartenders who truly master their craft. They fulfill the dreams of today’s refined drinking culture. The Zirkus Bar at Lieschen Mueller is a surprising place with daring Burlesque shows and live music. An overall concept that does justice to the exciting metropolis of Berlin.

The light is dim, a lovingly detailed interior transports guests to bygone times in Berlin. It tells the story of Lieschen Mueller, who is still seen from time to time at the Zirkus Bar. At the foot of the Berlin TV Tower with a view of the Neptune Fountain, in the middle of the historic centre of the former GDR, the traces of that era are still clearly visible today.

Bar and Experience Restaurant
Bartender at Lieschen Mueller

If you get a seat at the Zirkus Bar, you’ll be right in the middle of the wild action in the evening. The bar glitters like a disco ball, behind it busy, costumed bartenders and barmaids mix exquisite drinks.

There is a pleasant bustle in the room. The scent of fresh fruit and herbs hangs in the air, and every now and then a cloud of delicious food rises to the nose as the lovingly draped plates are served.

Bar Culture with Burlesque Show
Cirque du Burlesque on the Zirkus Bar

In the evening, Berlin’s nightlife beckons! Connoisseurs of the Berlin bar scene settle down at the colourful bar and secure themselves a seat in the front row. Because it’s not just the drinks that are intoxicating here: In the evening, Cirque du Burlesque Berlin seduces the audience with a sparkling show that exudes the charm of the legendary wild 1920s and immerses the audience in that era.

Gin Experiences at Lieschen Mueller
Signature Drinks

The house recommendation is sophisticated gin experiences for the refined palate. Just reading the bar menu can already be described as an experience. Contemporary witnesses recognise references to the era of the Berlin Wall and guarantee laughs with some cocktail creations that are to be taken with a wink. Here, at the latest, it becomes clear: with Lieschen Mueller, the serious side of life remains outside the door.

From Breakfast to Burlesque Dinner

The Lieschen Mueller not only spoils its guests with liquid delicacies. German and Berlin originals as well as legendary recipes from the former GDR are served from early to late. A culinary experience for young and old!

A Must-see in Berlin!

Cirque du Burlesque Berlin

New Burlesque And Modern Circus

Cirque du Burlesque at Lieschen Mueller im Parterre is a show as breathtaking as Berlin itself: cool, sexy, a little bit naughty, cheeky, loud, funny… and guaranteed never boring!

Let yourself be captivated by the art of entertainment theater, the charm of the wild 1920s, live music, and sparkling surprises. A show sensation right in the heart of East Berlin, directly beneath the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz!

Lieschen Muellers Signature Drinks

Gin Experiences

The house speciality is sophisticated gin compositions. Selected gin varieties are combined with surprising ingredients that send fine taste buds on a pleasurable journey.

Give your life a gin

Gin Tasting

The Gin Tasting at the Zirkus Bar is an experience for friends, couples and colleagues who want to learn more about the popular juniper spirit and explore its exciting flavours.

Let Lieschen Mueller take you into the world of gin under the TV tower...