Experience Restaurant Lieschen Mueller im Parterre

Dinner and Show at Alexanderplatz

German and Berlin Cuisine beneath the TV Tower

Lieschen Müller in the Parterre is the newest experiential gastronomy at Alexanderplatz. Even in the morning, locals and tourists immerse themselves in the vibrant ambiance to indulge in culinary delights. An experience for young and old, for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Here, we indulge in pleasure and enjoyment, with worries and haste being strictly unwelcome.

When you walk through the glass entrance door, the first thing you want to do is rub your eyes. With amazement. The colourful experience restaurant tells the life story of its namesake, who was, among other things, a performer with the state circus of the GDR and knew the famous clown Ferdinand from the old Friedrichstadtpalast. The menu features German dishes as well as traditional classics from this eccentric city. A visit to Lieschen Mueller is a journey back in time – covered with a glittering layer of fantasy and magic.

Feasting from Morning Till Night
German and Berlin Cuisine

At Lieschen Mueller, feasting goes on all day. From fitness muesli to hangover breakfast, from 9 a.m. early risers and late-to-bed goers get their money’s worth with a wide breakfast selection. From 12 p.m. onwards, you can enjoy both light and hearty dishes for your lunch break, and starting at 2 p.m., our in-house patisserie serves fresh cakes and pastries accompanied by exquisite coffee and tea specialties.

Starting at 5 p.m., our lavish evening menu presents hearty German and Berlin cuisine, along with original recipes from the former GDR that remain popular to this day.

Modern Circus and New Burlesque.

The highlight beneath the Television Tower is the show by Cirque du Burlesque Berlin, which can be enjoyed with a delicious Burlesque Dinner. Fans of refined drinking culture are warmly invited to settle at the Zirkus Bar and enjoy the show from the front row.

Signature Drinks are the Gin Experiences

Spectacular drinks complement the Lieschen Mueller experience, which is unmatched in the vibrant Berlin scene. The Cirque du Burlesque Berlin show is an exhilarating journey into the world of entertainment dance from the roaring 1920s. Seductive, witty, elegant, and cheeky, the dancers showcase their artistry. The audience is treated to a variety of burlesque, circus, and acrobatic performances that are sure to surprise and delight. Live music, hosting, and dance with the irresistible flair of the vibrant capital city.

Burlesque Dinner at Lieschen Mueller
Tickets for the Burlesque Dinner

Tickets for the Burlesque show can be purchased in advance through the online shop or on-site. Dining without the show is available until around 7 p.m.

The colorful show by Cirque du Burlesque
At Lieschen's, Everyone Gathers.

Lieschen Mueller beneath the Berlin TV Tower is a place for early birds and night owls, for Berliners, newcomers, and tourists alike. A businessman sits next to Grandma Erna, and both of them are enjoying life. And on some days, the real Lieschen Mueller herself even drops by…

Berlin by Day...
The early bird catches the worm: For early risers and night owls.


From invigorating protein shocks to hangover-saving breakfasts, you can have a delicious breakfast at Lieschen Mueller im Parterre from 9 am until the afternoon. Kreuzberg Schnitte, Prenzlauer Berg Stulle and Strammer Max are just three highlights from the creative breakfast menu.

Perfectly energized for your lunch break, sightseeing, or shopping


Starting at 12 p.m., Lieschen Mueller gets down to business: the kitchen serves crisp salads and hearty soups for those looking for a light snack, as well as hearty classics like Wiener Schnitzel. From 5 pm, the evening menu offers a wide selection of traditional dishes from German and Berlin cuisine as well as genuine GDR classics.

A paradise for sweet tooths and caffeine junkies

Pastry Shop with Ice Cream Café

The in-house pastry shop conjures up homemade treats, from small sins to fat cream bombs. Frankfurter Kranz, Mandarin-Schmand-Torte, Apfelkuchen, and Carrot Cake are just a few specialties from our confectionery. For a sweet refreshment, we offer hefty ice cream sundaes just like in the GDR era.

Berlin by Night:
When food becomes an experience

Burlesque Dinner

The best days are still the nights! Especially in Berlin. A highlight at Lieschen Mueller is the Burlesque Dinner. During the breathtakingly entertaining show by Cirque du Burlesque Berlin, traditional German and Berlin delicacies are served. Meat, vegetarian, or vegan, at Lieschen’s culinary diversity, there’s something to suit every taste. The cherry on top is the breathtaking show by dancers and artists from around the world who enchant their audience. Passionate entertainers, live musicians, and unique characters make the visit an unforgettable experience. An evening that truly captivates all the senses.

Liquid Highlights

Zirkus Bar

Connoisseurs of first-class drinks find themselves in a little paradise at the Circus Bar. With or without alcohol, the creativity of our passionate bartenders knows no bounds. Well-tried cocktail classics and surprising own creations trigger true taste explosions. Just reading the bar menu is entertaining and whets the appetite and thirst. The specialty of the house are Gin Experiences with sophisticated ingredients and combinations that make the hearts of gin enthusiasts soar. Take a seat at the glittering Zirkus Bar and immerse yourself in the exhilarating Berlin nightlife.

A Must-See in Berlin!

Cirque du Burlesque Berlin

New Burlesque And Modern Circus

Cirque du Burlesque at Lieschen Mueller im Parterre is a show as breathtaking as Berlin itself: cool, sexy, a little bit naughty, cheeky, loud, funny… and guaranteed never boring!

Let yourself be captivated by the art of entertainment theater, the charm of the wild 1920s, live music, and sparkling surprises. A show sensation right in the heart of East Berlin, directly beneath the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz!