Bar staff Berlin wanted

Bar staff Berlin wanted – welcome to Lieschen Mueller on the ground floor of the home of the Cirque du Burlesque! 🎉

You’re not just entering a bar – you’re immersing yourself in the vibrant world of Lieschen Mueller, the scene bar on the first floor of Berlin’s TV tower, and the Cirque du Burlesque, whose dazzling events are making it the next starlet and highlight of Berlin’s bar and burlesque scene. Here, the worlds of divas, night people, burlesque performers, tattoo freaks, designers, artists, performers, musicians, dancers, Rocka Billy enthusiasts, drag queens, transgender people, LGBT, gothic girls, clubbers, night people and entertainers merge into a unique, dazzling mixology performance.

🌈 Your stage is our bar! Lieschen Mueller on the first floor is more than just a bar – it’s a trendy bar where colorful personalities and creative minds come together. Here, every drink is not just a type or a drink, but a tribute to diversity. From divas with airs and graces to tattoo freaks who conjure up their creations at the bar or serve our guests in a uniquely colorful and different way – our bar is a melting pot of individuality.

💄 Cirque du Burlesque – The next star of the scene! Cirque du Burlesque’s dazzling events make our bar the highlight of Berlin’s bar and burlesque scene. We are not just looking for bartenders and service staff, but for uniqueness, stars and true artists of hospitality who are as colorful as we are. From divas to burlesque performers to accomplished night owls, club waitresses, waiters of Berlin’s bar or burlesque scene, divas, night people, burlesque performers, tattoo freaks, designers, artists, artists, musicians, dancers, Rocka Billy, drag queens, transgender, LGBT, gothic girls, clubbers, night people and entertainers – everyone is welcome to become part of our unique bar family.

🌟 We are looking for more than just staff – we are looking for co-creators! If you don’t just prepare or serve drinks, but can tell a story, if you don’t just stand behind the bar, but take the stage, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re not just looking for bar staff here, but for co-creators who will enchant our guests and turn the nights into something special.

🚀 Apply now and become part of our unique scene! Whether you want to become a rising star in the Cirque du Burlesque or represent the diversity of the scene as a bartender or waitress, send us your application if you’re ready to be part of one of the most colorful, crazy and diverse bar families that stands out not only for its drinks, but also for its personality and creative beauty.

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Are you ready to enter the Lieschen Mueller stage and become part of an extraordinary bar family? Then don’t wait any longer – the show starts now!

Let’s mix the magic, darling! 🍹✨

Ein Must-see in Berlin!

Cirque du Burlesque Berlin

New Burlesque und moderner Zirkus

Cirque du Burlesque im Lieschen Mueller im Parterre ist eine Show, so atemberaubend wie Berlin: cool, sexy, ein wenig verrucht, frech, laut, lustig… und garantiert niemals langweilig!

Lasst euch begeistern von der Kunst des Unterhaltungstheaters, vom Charme der wilden 1920er-Jahre, von Live-Musik und prickelnden Überraschungen. Eine Show-Sensation mitten in der City Ost, direkt unterm Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz!