Have a hearty breakfast at Alexanderplatz

frühstücken am Alexanderplatz

Delicious, healthy and extensive breakfast at Alexanderplatz Good morning to all early risers and connoisseurs! 🌞 Let yourself be carried away into the world of our Burlesque Bar at Alexanderplatz, where enjoyment and extravagance come together! Here you can expect a breakfast offer at Alexanderplatz that leaves nothing to be desired. Are you ready for […]

Café at the Berlin TV tower

Café am Berliner Fernsehturm

“Discover the heart of Berlin: Lieschen Müller’s Café at the Berlin TV Tower” Welcome back, coffee lovers and explorers! 🌟 Today we’re setting off on an adventure that will delight your senses – a visit to Lieschen Müller’s Café at the Berlin TV Tower, the pulsating heart of the Berlin café scene. 🏙️ Immerse yourself […]

Burlesque at Alexanderplatz

An evening full of glamor and sensuality, burlesque at Alexanderplatz hey girls Are you looking for an unforgettable evening event at Alexanderplatz that will delight you with glamor and sensuality? Then you are exactly right with us! Our burlesque shows in Berlin are the perfect excursion for anyone looking for unique entertainment. “The burlesque stage […]

Events under the television tower

Veranstaltungen unterm Fernsehturm

Insider tips for a successful event under the television tower Are you looking for a special location for your next company party or company event in Berlin? Then you should definitely stop by Lieschen Mueller! 💼✨ Our circus-style burlesque bar offers the perfect backdrop for unforgettable events under the television tower. No matter whether it […]

cocktail workshop in Berlin

Cocktailkurs in Berlin

Cocktails & Cheers: Exciting cocktail workshop in Berlin with Lieschen Mueller Welcome to Lieschen Mueller, your destination for fascinating workshops and unforgettable events in Berlin! Come into our world at Alexanderplatz, where we create the perfect atmosphere for team events and group activities with our unique cocktail courses and gin tastings. Enjoy, learn and celebrate […]

Traditional Berlin restaurant

Embark on a culinary adventure in Berlin and discover our traditional Berlin restaurant at Alexanderplatz, where taste explosions and enjoyment go hand in hand. Start your culinary journey with one of our refreshing homemade salads, such as the classic Shopska salad with fresh vegetables and creamy sheep’s cheese or the Caesar salad with tender chicken […]

Top 1 for Team Events in Berlin

Junggesellenabschiede in Berlin,

Discover the perfect location for unforgettable team events in Berlin! Welcome to the event location for team events in Berlin. Today we would like to introduce you to our top address for unforgettable team events in Berlin. As one of the leading burlesque bars on Alexanderplatz, we know how important it is to bring a […]

Breakfast experience at Alexanderplatz

Good morning, dear early risers and connoisseurs! 🌞 Welcome to our Burlesque Bar in Berlin, to the breakfast experience at Alexanderplatz! We invite you to an incomparable breakfast experience at Alexanderplatz that leaves nothing to be desired. Are you ready for a culinary delight in the morning in Berlin? If not, let me tell you […]

Burlesque shows in Berlin

Burlesque-Shows in Berlin

Discover the magic of burlesque: 3 reasons why our burlesque shows in Berlin are unforgettable! Welcome, dear friends of burlesque art! Today we would like to take you on a journey through the fascinating world of our burlesque shows in Berlin. As your top address for glamorous entertainment and unforgettable nights at Alexanderplatz, we know […]

No. 1 café under the television tower

Café unterm Fernsehturm

“Experience the diversity of Berlin: A journey through Lieschen Müller’s Café under the television tower” Good morning, adventurers and connoisseurs! ☀️ Today we invite you on a journey of discovery – a journey through the diversity of Lieschen Müller’s Café, a true treasure in the middle of the pulsating metropolis of Berlin. 🌆 “With a […]